3 Categories under Which Used Cars Are Divided

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All of you desire to have a new car, but at times budgetary considerations don’t let you enjoy the same. Well, that isn’t much a problem because used cars allow you equal comfort and some more benefits on an addition. In fact, used cars have been regarded as the user’s paradise. Though low rate depreciation is a major benefit you enjoy with used cars, the cheap rate at which you can avail a car of your choice is another advantage you enjoy with used cars. So are you looking for limited budget used the car in Mumbai? Then this article is one for you informing in details the used cars you avail within thelow, middle and high-end segment.

Three segments under which used cars are categorized

Used cars have been divided carefully into three segments to make the selection process easier for you. Take a look at these segments:

  • Low budget used cars: If your budget is quite low yet you desire to have a car, there isn’t anything to be sad. You can go with Maruti Suzuki Alto or Tata Nano. While Nano is not a very old entrant in the market, Maruti stands as a reflection of your prestige. Being a household name by now, it came into the market around two decades ago.  Both Maruti and Nano offer you the joy of owning a car without pinching your pocket hard. They also offer good mileage. However, compared to Maruti, Nano comes with a feeble body. An advantage you enjoy both these used cars is savings over the maintenance.
  • Middle segment cars: Used cars like SX4, Honda City, Accent and Ford Fiesta come to you at a rate around half that of the brand new ones. Keeping the price into concern, some of you might love going for the used cars. They are indeed beneficial as you get to enjoy their comfort at half their actual price.  However, you can hold equal prestige as that of someone using the same car but a brand new one.
  • High-EndCars:Now that you have a budget higher than that required for a middle segment car but not one to go for a new high-end car, used ones are there to satisfy your needs and desire. High-end cars refer to Audi, Sedan, BMW, Jaguar and all under this category. Coming at a high price, these cars are usually very well maintained by their owners who sell them off mostly with the desire to get home the latest model. Hence what you enjoy is availing your most wanted high-end car at a considerably low budget.

Final Say

Now that you are aware of all these three used car sections, you can plan your budget and look for cars coming from that particular section. This indeed makes your selection process easier.

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