4 Top Tips For Getting Your Company’s Branded Workwear Right

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In the modern world, branding is more important than ever to any business. Because there are more marketing platforms than ever, businesses must work have to keep a consistent image and message across all of their content and products.

However, before rushing into an extensive and complex online campaign, it’s important to get the basics right because they certainly still count for a lot.

One of the most important is accurately communicating your brand’s message via your staff uniforms. For this reason, here’s 4 top tips for getting your company’s branded workwear right.

Design Logo and Branding

First thing’s first, before you rush into designing branded workwear, you need to nail down an appropriate logo and brand.

This can depend on a number of things, from what is appropriate in your industry to what you think will make you stand out from the rest.

Often, the first hurdle for many is the colour scheme. Once you have this narrowed down, you can start to think about everything else.

When it comes to designing a logo, there are lots of great tools which can either give you a little inspiration or even help you create the finished article.

Take a look at the post from Design Crazed which lists 16 of the best design software you must try if you are considering a new logo.

Consider Your Industry

The next thing to think about is what kind of branded workwear your staff are going to need. While branded workwear is important in many industries, specific designs and practical measures differ massively.

For example, the uniform of a fast food employee may differ considerably to that of a member of staff at a bank.

The use of bright colours is something which is used to varying degrees depending on the industry. For example, employees of the supermarket ASDA wear bright green uniforms which make them easy to spot in the store in case a customer needs help. This is important as customers will often seek their advice on products.

On the flip side, a bank manager isn’t someone who necessarily needs to be spotted by every customer who passes through a bank. Instead, it is more important for them to dress smartly and appear to customers as a figure of trust. A brightly coloured polo shirt might not achieve this.

Have Optional Clothing Extras

Another thing to consider is being able to offer your staff a range of branded workwear, rather than simply one base uniform.

We spoke to staff uniform creators Stitch Embroidery who explained, “it’s great to be able to offer your staff more than just a simple shirt and trouser combo.”

“Having optional items such as jackets, fleeces, hats and bags mean staff can feel more comfortable in their workwear.”

Test With Staff Before Committing

The last thing to try before committing to widespread use is to test out your proposed new branded workwear with your staff.

While you may feel as if you have created the perfect uniform, there could be any number of practical flaws which only rear their head once they are put into use.

A great way to do this is to ask a number of employees to work in the uniform for a trial period. You can then ask them to fill out a survey and you can assess their happiness with the new workwear.

To save time and effort there are now lots of free and really easy-to-use survey tools online. Take a look at this post on Word Stream which lists some of the best.

Ultimately, happy staff mean happy customers and giving them the best uniform possible will go a long way to achieving this.

Just take this post from Maxim as a great example. It features a list of hideous real branded uniforms from a number of industries and shows you exactly what to avoid.

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