A Tailspin For Trouble: 3 Common Causes Of Bike Accidents

Published On April 24, 2017 | By admin | Business

A lot of people tend to go for wild rides on motorcycles. The adrenaline rush only gives more reason for people to choose bikes over cars. The light frames and small sizes make squeezing through traffic easy for bike riders.

Along with the advantages of mobility a bike has over a car, motorcycles are more affordable and easy to maintain. Bikes are also known to be fuel efficient. A lot of young people also tend to lean towards owning a motorcycle because they look more sleek and stylish than most cars.

Due to a lot of individuals owning bikes, statistics that concern accidents and fatalities rise. This fact becomes a worrying trend because accidents and the loss of life are entirely preventable.

Here are the most common causes of a motorcycle accident.

Unruly and Unnecessary behavior

The age bracket in which owns the largest numbers of motorcycles are in the mid 30’s. This range would mean that a lot of accidents occur because of inappropriate behaviors while driving. Drunk driving is a good example of such behavior. Another behavior, albeit an unusual one, is when riders do tricks such as jumps and tailspins that foolishly cause wrecks.

Road Conditions

Poor road conditions often become the reason for most accidents. Slippery roads cause tires to slip and swerve uncontrollably causing a driver to crash. With such occurrences, a rider should heed weather reports and consider letting the weather pass before going on trips.


Head-on collisions cause a staggering 80% of fatalities by motorcycles with other vehicles. Due to the speed and size of the bike, forces are more likely to be multiplied causing tremendous amounts of damage to a rider, his/her passengers, people close to the accident area, and nearby property.


People often take for granted the advantages that bikes give. Due to the small size and the incredible speeds a bike can reach, accidents become common. The impact a rider can suffer from an accident can be so high that fatalities almost always happens. Riders should be vigilant and disciplined if they want to experience the thrill a motorcycle ride can give.

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