Email Marketing Dos and Don’ts

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Email is one of the most powerful forms of marketing that a business has. These emails belong to customers who are already interested in the business and most of them have already purchased products from the business. If a marketing team understand how to leverage the power of email marketing, they can send the business up to a whole new level.

However, not understanding how to correctly harness the power of this marketing tactic can end up losing the business a number of targeted leads. We highly suggest that you read over the list of dos and don’ts for email marketing below so you can work on harnessing the power and not pushing it away.

The Do’s of Email Marketing

Send Dedicated Emails

When your business has a new promotion or has posted new interactive content, let your email list know about it. Readers like being updated on new things that are happening with their favorite businesses. Send them usual updates so they feel involved in the business and like an important customer.

Stick to One Call to Action

Your job as an email marketer is to keep the message simple and easy for your consumer to read. Realize that if you overstuff your links or try to create too many calls to action the recipient will not know what to do. Keep it simple and give them one action to complete.

Ensure Its Mobile Friendly

The use of mobile email apps has greatly surpassed that of desktop computers. It was shown in a 2016 study that 56 percent of individuals use their phone to open their emails. Know what your audience is using and make your message mobile friendly so they show up as you intended.

Pay Attention to Pre-Header Text

When you send out an email message, the recipient gets the subject line and a “blurp” of pre-header text. This is the first few words of the email message itself. Remember this is prime space to use the right words to catch your reader’s attention so they click to open up the message.

The Don’ts of Email Marketing

Don’t Link Stuff

The saying more is always better doesn’t hold true for links in email messages. The more links you add the lower your engagement goes down from the recipients of your messages. Too many links simply confuse the reader about where they should go. This confusion leads to hesitation and no clicks to your site.

Skip the Big Images

Although images can help to portray your email message much better than words, it’s not worth it. You should realize that many email providers will block images by default. We are sure you have had this block happen to you. It requires readers to take an extra step in unblocking the image, which greatly decreases user engagement.

Don’t Send Videos

Avoid sending any video content in your email messages. Sites like Greenwing Technology use a number of videos on their website to help explain their content. This is great for users, but wait for them to click through to your website before slamming them with a video.

Don’t Change Your Name

When you send emails out to your list, they will have a from section that states your email address or business name. Don’t change this from address or name as it could throw off your consumers. Imagine getting an email from a name you’ve never seen before. It’s very likely you will push it off to junk mail and never think about it again.

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