Ensuring Your Wall Stickers Last the Longest Time

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How to make divider wall stickers remain on the divider for a very long time?

This article about divider stickers is really not about divider stickers by any means. This article is about paint, cleaning and temperature! Yes, it is about the readiness.

When you purchase a divider sticker you are squandering your cash IF you have not checked your surface, have not readied the surface and read the directions painstakingly.

Divider sticker organizations offer you an item that generally will apply and look incredible home decor items. In any case, to what extent will this sticker look extraordinary depends absolutely on the paint, the surface and the introduction. It does likewise rely on upon the nature of the divider sticker yet we will spare that clarification for another article.

In this article we will examine paint, cleaning and temperature.


In short, you need to have an inside acrylic paint, not an oil based paint. The paint can’t have any Teflon or silicon properties in it as stickers won’t stick. Also, the paint must be cured for 3 weeks before applying divider decals.

The other element is paint techniques. On the off chance that you utilize a bristly roller to paint the surface, the paint will fall off the hairs leaving little focuses and a moderately finished surface which is not perfect for divider decals.

In the event that you are wanting to apply divider decals to the divider, then guarantee a smooth painted complete is accomplished.

When you have a dry, smooth, painted divider you MUST take after the following stride.


This is regularly the overlooked stride, or if not overlooked it is wretched.

On the off chance that you need your divider stickers to keep going quite a while, then cleaning the surface as definite in the article is essential.

Painted dividers will gather clean, air contaminants and now and then oil which gently arrives on the forms and appends itself to the surface. So you most likely think giving it a light clean will be sufficient.

On the off chance that you apply divider stickers to a surface with a contaminant it may search extraordinary for seven days, a month and even different months, however after time, that contaminant will influence the cement qualities and the decal will begin to lift. Ordinarily this starts at the edges. (Take note of this is additionally due to the nature of the decal and you can read about that in our next article).

TO CLEAN WALLS: Do not utilize family cleaning items that may contain silicones to reflect soil since they will repulse the divider decal too.

Utilize a lathery cleanser (child cleanser is great) or something with no solvents included and cleanser the region that the divider decal will be connected. Dry completely and twofold check to guarantee that there is not outside matter on the divider.

FOR GLASS: Do not utilize window cleaning items as they contain silicones. Utilize a hot sudsy blend and wash the window. Run a sharp edge or metal leader over the surface to get any outside matter off. We get a kick out of the chance to complete with a hosed bit of daily paper to get dry the surface.

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