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When trying to create the perfect garden, coming up with ideas and inspiration can be difficult. Looking in magazines and googling images can fill you with pictures in your head of what you want to create, but when it comes to putting that onto paper and making it happen it soon becomes a lot harder.

What do you need to consider when planning a garden renovation?

Size – how much space do you have to work with? This is vital as some ideas you get from magazine simply may not fit in your garden or they may be too small leaving your garden very empty and plain. Making sure you know how much space you have to work with when planning will mean that the end result will be so much better

Cost – the price you have to spend on the whole of the garden will massively impact the materials you can use and the overall design of the garden. If you are on a budget you would have to compromise on materials or design, for example keeping the changes relatively simple or using cheaper materials.

Time- consider how much time you have to put into the garden, if you are on a strict time scale then it would be silly to try and complete a huge design as things would either not be finished or rushed.

What are the options?

There are so many different ways to design and create a perfect garden, and this completely depends on personal preference. Some people will want to fill their garden to the brim with flowers and plants, turning it into a mass of colours and wildlife. This can work really well if you have the time to upkeep it, many older people will go for this option once they finish work. A lot of plants and flowers will draws in a wide range of creatures through all the seasons which can give your garden a lovely sense of paradise.

Some people will go for a minimalistic look and keep the plants away and create a garden with paving and stone, more likely than not across many different levels. This type of garden tends to feature things like stone stairs and raised platforms. Often the materials vary, stones and walls can do finished using coping stone or granite.

If you have something a little bit bigger and more adventurous in mind, maybe you have a very large garden to fill or you simply want to do something different that will have your neighbours in awe at the summer bbq then you could find inspiration from looking at country estates and their gardens. These will often feature fountains, large stone steps with plants and some of the most amazing finishes and detail. Adding in features such as swings, not a child’s swing, but maybe a more contemporary swing to relax with on warm summer nights could be just what you are after.

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