The incredible anatomy of a real name badge

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It is so embarrassing when a client tries to read the name of an employee but can’t read it because of one reason or another. How should a good company name badge look like? What are the necessary features that it should posses? Name badges carry the image of an organization. It is the responsibility of any organization to ensure that their name badges have the most effective structures.

  • Name badge design

The design of a name badge determines the image carried on behalf of the company. Choose the best design criteria for your name badge. Don’t go for sticker badges because they can easily disappear. Sticker badges like “Hello my name are”, are unprofessional.

  • The size of the name badges

The amount of information you put on your staff name badge will determine its size. If you want to put more details, it will be inappropriate to use a small badge. One of the recommended sizes is 4”times 3” for horizontal badges. Vertical badges can be four by 6.

  • Components in a company name badge

A good company name badge should start with the first name of the employee followed by the second name. It can also include other details like the name of that specific organization and the post an employee holds.

Currently most groups add a Twitter ID on the staff name badges and this has become a popular trend. Twitter ID allows clients to know them better and establish better connections with the company.

  • Event identification

Business name badges can include the event identification in case you are attending a seminar. The staff might have different roles in the seminar and only name badges will help other people recognize what role you play.

The above features are crucial for all Name badges used by an organization. Before ordering any name badge, ensure that it has all the specifications that will benefit your company. Before the name badges are printed and designed, you can check and make any adjustments to get the best.

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