The Most Commonly Practiced Areas Of The Law

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It’s an astounding assumption that a large percentage of people believe that any lawyer can be called on when they are in need of legal assistance. However, this is not specifically true. Lawyers, just like doctors, have specific practice areas.

The spectrum of the law is very vast. It would be extremely difficult for one lawyer to be completely knowledgeable in every single area. This is why there are many different types of lawyers that can represent clients in various sectors of the law. Let’s take a look at the most popular law practices below.

Corporate Lawyers

Whether the firm is big or small, it typically has both a transactional and business litigation lawyer. The transactional lawyer is employed to help with handling transactions and drafting documents for the business. A ligation lawyer is employed by a business to handle their cases in court in the event there is a lawsuit involved.

Labor And Employment Lawyers

These practicing lawyers only handle issues dealing with employment. This could be ensuring a business complies with State and Federal business labor laws. There are both transactional and litigation employment lawyers.

Family Lawyer

This practicing attorney solely deals with issues involving a family. This could be for future planning, such as estate issues and family planning. Family law lawyers can also be hired to handle divorce, custody battles, and prenuptial agreements.

Social Security Disability Lawyer

Phoenix social security disability lawyers are employed by individuals who need representation for their social security hearings and claims. This could be for reason of benefit denials, survivors, retirement claimants, and claim appeals.

Entertainment Lawyer

These lawyers deal with issues mainly revolving around entertainment contracts for their clients. These include things like management contracts, royalty contracts, licensing agreements, reviewing documents, and drafting documents.

Immigration Lawyer

These lawyers solely work to bringing employees, family members, or other individuals legally into the United States. Most of these lawyers typically deal with businesses as their main clients, as they need the lawyer to draft visa papers to bring potential employees in from overseas.

Real Estate Lawyer

This area of law is typically split into transactional and litigation lawyers in both categories of commercial and residential real estate. The litigation lawyers are those who go to court to represent a client when their sale agreement was violated. Transactional real estate lawyers solely work to draft agreements surrounding the negotiations and final contracts of a real estate sale or lease.

Bankruptcy Lawyer

This type of lawyer will help a client that is dealing with financial bankruptcy. These attorneys typically represent either the person owing money, the creditor that is owed money. Bankruptcy lawyers are even broken down into more specific types depending on which type of bankruptcy claim they are filing. Some include Chapter 7, 11, and 13.

Personal Injury Lawyer

These are the types of lawyers you call when you are injured in any nature. This could be a misdiagnosis from a doctor, a fight, or a car accident. These lawyers will represent clients who have been injured in any way due to the neglect of someone else.

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