Uses for Open Mesh Flooring in Modern Architecture

Published On August 30, 2017 | By admin | Business

Open mesh flooring is provided by the experts at Guardrail Engineering. They have a wealth of knowledge and experience for what works best in various industries. The metal mesh flooring that they provide is made to offer high-quality and is extremely versatile, meaning it can be adapted to suit your needs and requirements.

There are many ways in which the platform guardrail can be used for architecture, including the following:


Open mesh is most popular for industrial flooring, ensuring that your employees can access areas safely. As well as this, it is designed to be slip resistant, making it a safe solution for almost any industry.

With mesh flooring; it’s not just about the reliability and safety, it’s manufactured to visually enhance your business, making it look and feel stylish and modern. Just because the flooring is designed to withstand high temperatures and volumes of traffic, it doesn’t mean that it can’t look sophisticated and suit the style of the premises!

The platform guardrail is often used for elevated platforms, stairs and walkways to make the transportation of goods easier. It’s the most practical type of flooring that will work for almost any business.


Ok, so as the name suggests, open mesh flooring is most appropriate for floors, however, the metal mesh flooring makes an ideal alternative for shelving in the home and in the workplace. Guardrail Engineering offers the mesh flooring for shelving to add a stylish addition to your property.

The use of open mesh stainless steel for shelving will allow you to spruce up your premises and make it more practical. Guardrail’s open mesh materials are perfect if you’re looking for additional storage, they have an innovative solution that’s robust and hard-wearing, providing you with a high-quality finish!

Open mesh flooring makes a sophisticated addition to any property, regardless of whether it’s used for floors or shelves.

Making it industrial.

Platform guardrail isbecoming increasingly more popular with a range of industries, including restaurants. The industrial theme may seem a little odd in a restaurant setting, however, you’d be surprised just how handy it is! The mesh flooring is designed to be rugged and can withstand the harshest of conditions, so you needn’t worry about your restaurant maintaining high levels of quality.

The products supplied by Guardrail are available in abundance, why not choose something different for your industry? With a wide range of mesh flooring to choose from, you can be sure to create something unique and add an edgy twist to the style of your business!

The team at Guardrail Engineering will be more than willing to help you to find something suitable when it comes to open mesh flooring. They consider that there is never a “one size fits all approach and each industry requires a bespoke solution. To find out more, call 01902 871 208 today!

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